Happy Thanksgiving from Informer.com

Aww, Thanksgiving!

They say it’s just another “commercialized” holiday when families have to gather around their groaning tables to consume tons of turkey with gravy and potatoes (while watching another Cowboys game). Well, probably there is a point there, but it is still a great occasion to share thanks and express our sincere gratitude to everyone we love.

So we’d like to share our thanks with you just a bit ahead of time. Here at Informer Technologies we would like to give thanks to everyone in our restless team of developers and programmers who at times surprise themselves by creating unimaginable solutions for high-profile projects. We would like to wish all the best to all our loyal users, those of you who once found our projects for their daily routines and now help us to polish and improve them. And of course we are thankful for each and every of our projects that keeps us going forward: ones that keeps your PC, Mac or Android devices up-to-date (Software. Mac. and Android. Informers), one that gives you the easiest way to start your own forum and build online community (PunBB), one that gives you a Black Friday’s rush on a weekly basis (Deals Informer), one that helps webmasters to diversify their sites with automatically updating news and feeds (Feed Informer), etc.

By the way, be sure to check the recently updated Feed Informer – we’ve spent tons of time to make the service better in every way possible. While service’s internals were completely reworked to improve its reliability, scalability and make room for further development, we also made enhancements to user experience and implemented some new features. For example, we significantly increased the number of template tags used for widget template design; added ability for a user to diagnose the health of the source web feeds; removed the restriction on the number of widgets connected to a digest; completely redesigned our site with a focus on usability. All in all if you need a solution to aggregate, parse, mix and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds for your website be sure to drop by feed.informer.com.

Stay informed and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
Informer.com Team

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