You’ve got a deal!

Hi everyone!

It’s high time to welcome and join a new wonderful service from Informer Technologies – Deal.Informer!

It is created to enrich your shopping experience by keeping you up-to-date with the newest and most exciting promo-offers all over the Internet. Well, everybody seeks a chance to save plenty of hard earned cash on a deal. And the chances to find your discount on Deal.Informer are high, as we have tons of bargains in different categories: Beauty, Health, Nightlife, SPA, Fitness, Shopping, Dining, Clothing, Gifts, Services and more!

This new project works as a portal, where current online discount offers and special gift coupons (commonly called “deals”) are aggregated, systematized and neatly represented.

You can search for deals by the area of interest and availability in any specific location all over the world (at the moment USA and Canada are available and more countries are on the way).

Monitoring several sites for deals separately is time consuming. Deal Informer is here to bring you new bargains from many sources, saving you time and money both. To be sure you won’t miss an offer, subscribe to our emails or visit for new hot offers on a daily basis.

You may join stream of all these bounties at

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