All your questions will be answered – brand new addition to the Informer family

Hi everyone!

We’re finally glad to present you our new project. Meet new member of Informer family –

If you have an intricate IT question which remains without sufficient answer, then from now on you can stop combing all over the Web to find it. No more strange virus-infected forums and websites with obtrusive ads! Just bring your question straightly to Answers.Informer.

If you are a software guru and you want your own remarkable IT-wise erudition to shine out, then this website might become your favorite playground for sharing experience with thousands of users! Bless community with your unique knowledge and get appreciated.

It is literally streamlined to the limit of simplicity: post your software-related questions and wait until someone answers them, or help others by answering theirs. It has everything at your service: the community of engaged users, point system & badges to recognize your contribution.

Be sure to check it out at Answers.Informer.Com.

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