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Today we launch our new blog. Things are going fast at Informer Technologies and we haven’t had a time to update our site lately with all new exciting things happening here. During only last month we published completely new version of Web Informer project and added absolutely new Idea Informer service to our portfolio. From now on we will keep updating you on new interesting stuff happening within our company here.

June 7th, 2010 16 Comments

16 responses to “Blog launch”

  1. Matias says:

    What is this??

  2. D_Alan says:

    Huh. Not a virus on my system, but (mainly) a worthwhile addition. Matias should wash out his potty mouth. Please redact his last line!

    A serious question: How do I eliminate the popup at the bottom of the screen that takes up valuable screen real estate (even when minimized)?

  3. Alexis says:

    Great blog, so what is Stickr actually?

  4. dude says:

    almost fell for it!
    (who am I kidding, no-one’s gonna fall for a site like this)
    Bordering on spam

  5. Dana Johnson says:

    I mailed your site this request on Aug 5, 2010, with a resolution suggestion.

    Just got a ‘malware’ notice of ‘ SIINST(1).exe ‘ on my new ‘clean’ computer.
    It seems it came from the site, during an update of the FDM or Free Download Manager program issued from there.
    I found the file through a Prevx 3.0 scan, and found references online in searches to this as also FDMINST.exe .
    Is this sourced at your website, or at a ‘clone’ page which pops up during the C/NET website updates for ‘FDM’?
    I had no problems with FDM for several years, used for years without damages, but on this new quad core machine, I noticed the FDM, ver.3.0, downloading is now ‘stopped’ w/o cure, and several updating attempts are looping to a same ‘dead’ state, with Prevx 3.0 giving a 24 hour ‘new malware’ claim against your file, SIINST(1).exe. First day of discovery, from both failing downloads, and the malware notice, leading to my online search find.

    Any explanation from your site, as this is headed for a public exposure this week.?
    I can be reached at the email address, and will work to resolve the coding problem as a lay user type person. Suggest you explain to Prevx and, as well as myself.
    Your software is now listed in searches as possible ‘malware’ under those names.
    Added notice, the ‘push’ addition of SI to downloads at is offensive, and unwanted. Give us a choice in that matter.

    Dana Johnson , danajohnson0

    Any developments in this? A ‘clone attack’ perhaps?

  6. tamy says:

    Good blog.

  7. Informer Technologies says:

    Dear Dana,

    We have tried downloading the latest build of FDM installer from CNET, as well as installing FDM and the supplied siClient application using that setup file, and we can confirm that Prevx 3.0 does not detected those programs as malware either prior to or after installation. The fact that the included siinst.exe file was detected as such in your case may have had to do with your version of Prevx using an older database of threats; please, try updating your Prevx database and re-downloading the latest FDM build from CNET.

  8. bayilik says:

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  9. Puja loyal says:

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  10. bharat elinje says:

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  12. Ajay Tripathi says:

    Looking forward to your new Informer Services

  13. google slap says:

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. Such clever work and exposure! Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

  14. ezaa says:

    Congratulations on your new blog

  15. درگاه پرداخت says:

    Informer At 4 Years Ago 🙂

    best Wishes for you and your Team

  16. Thanh Tuyen says:

    it very nice

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