10a Alabama Handmade Arts & Crafts Fair

10a Alabama St., QC
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Check out Diyalogo stickers and try to guess what they all mean. Dolldalita customizes dolls. Denver Garza now selling art prints! Speculiars selling Muchacho paper dolls to remind us all of the bros and dudes out there and also Saksakan ng Pangit booklets for those with a crass sense of humor (Holler to my peeps!). Obra Paduding sign says, ‘Your husband called and said…Buy anything you want!’

Uvla Store
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Sapin Sapin Tanzan
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Denver Garza
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Obra Paduding
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Nelle + Gissele
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Tweed & Twine
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Renegade Craft Fair Seattle

Katipunan Weekend Market dropped by Renegade Craft Fair’s debut in Seattle. Full details of the event here.

Personal faves were DIAMONDS ARE EVIL, Brixtix Bakery for Dogs and Spincycle yarns.

IN PICTURES (Top-Bottom) Renegade Craft Fair entrance, Moorea Seal, AtelierOM + OMkhadi, Brixtix Bakery for Dogs, DIAMONDS ARE EVIL, Spincycle yarns, Port Rhombus, Sires Eyewear, Natalie Joy, Oh So Antsy.

Welcome to Renegade Craft Fair Seattle

Moorea Seal

AtelierOM + OMkhadi

Brixtix Bakery for Dogs


Spincycle yarns

Port Rhombus

Sires Eyewear

Natalie Joy



KWM One Bazaar Whisperer Feature

Lyle Aherrera from Bazaar Whisperer dropped by Katipunan Weekend Market One.

Some pictures below and links to the full feature. Full credit goes to Bazaar Whisperer for the pictures and links.

IN PICTURES (Top-Bottom) Soul Flower, The Barista Box, The Milk Box Collective, Vela Manila, Gerome Soriano and Tesseract Manila, SEFRA Babewear and Fake Alchemy.

Soul Flower

The Barista Box

The Milk Box Collective

Vela Manila

Gerome Soriano and Tesseract Manila

SEFRA Babewear and Fake Alchemy

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