April 15-17, 2016

KWM Summer Pop Up

IN PICTURES (Top to Bottom) Katipunan Weekend Market Pop Up, SOAK Artisan Soap, Proudly Promdi, Downtown Cookies PH, Tralala MNL, Bittersweet Fruit Teas, Kimochi Aroma Pillows, Vintage Lifestyle Concept, Creative Chaos, The Maverick Pomade, Patricia’s Artworks and Woven, As In Salt.

KWM Summer Pop Up

SOAK Artisan Soap

Proudly Promdi

Downtown Cookies PH

Tralala MNL

Bittersweet Fruit Teas

Kimochi Aroma Pillows

Vintage Lifestyle Concept

Creative Chaos

The Maverick Pomade

Patricia's Artworks & WOVEN

As In Salt

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